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You love your home. It is in an ideal location with the kid’s school and everything you need just a few meters away. You don’t want to move out, but your growing family and lifestyle do not fit this house anymore.

There are many changes that you want to do with your house. The kitchen needs updating along with all the fixtures. You also want to have bigger windows to let the natural light into your house. Maybe you want to add a pool and now is the right time. You also want to convert your small bedroom into a master suite. What should you do?

Let our experts at Murano Homes help you. We specialize in all kinds of renovations that can transform your current abode into a house that you want. Your wish list may be long, and you want them done this time. Don’t worry because we take your hopes and dreams for your home and turn them into reality.


At Murano Homes, we have a team of experts in home improvement, kitchen renovations, basement remodelling, and home additions. We are a locally owned and operated company that provides services in the area for many years now. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and attention to details is what keeps our clients coming back to us for their home renovation and addition needs. Most of them are referred to by our past and present clients.

Our design and build construction method is effective in completing renovation projects with our clients. The renovation process starts by looking at your current house and your plans. By listening to what you want your home to be, we can create a design unique to your needs.

We have been helping families with their renovation projects for years now. Unlike other builders, we don’t only listen, we understand what you want, design it and build it to last. We have a team of consummate professionals who have exceptional workmanship and attention to details that do not disappoint.

If you want a new home on the same address, we can help you build it. At Murano Homes, we can work on your home renovation project to your satisfaction

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